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HK 361 MIDTERMPRACTICE1Which of the following is not a complete contraindication to participation in a collision sport according to ACSM GuidelinesaSeizuresbOne eyecUncontrolled respiratory conditiondOne Ear2All of the following are a part of a well designed consent exceptaShould infer the possibility of death where appropriatebOutline the inherent dangers of the sportcMust be dated and signed by the participant and one parentdMust outline athlete responsibilities3the most important of the preseason medical screening process of athletes isastrength componentbcardiac screeningcMedical HistorydDental check4The hydrostatic pressure gradient of the capillaries will increase ifaThe concentration gradient across the capillary wall decreasesbThere is an increase is blood pressurecThe systolic but not the diastolic pressure of the circulatory system decreasesdThe diastolic but not the systolic pressure of the circulatory system decreases5Circulatory fluid in the interstitial space is returned to the venule end of the capillaries byaThe systolic and diastolic pressures of the circulatory systembThe lymphatic systemcIncreased concentration of the blood plasmadThe single epithelial walls of the capillary6Local Vasodilation from an acute macrotrauma is caused in part by action of Histamine andaBloatbAcetylcholinecBradykinindAcetlysalicylic Acid7Which of the following is an immediate result of the rupture of a capillary wall from acute macrotraumaaTransundatebA Histaminic ResponsecGradual onset of paindThe onset of Myositis Ossification8Chronic microtrauma to soft tissue will result inaExudatebProgressive onset of pain
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