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University of British Columbia
KIN 361

1 A person with the condition of functional pes planus often exhibitsa Hallux valgusb Collapse of the transverse archc Subtalar varusd Patellofemoral pain2 Which of the phases of the running stride presents a problem to an athlete with acavus foota Heel plantb Midstancec Toe offd Flight time3 Which of the following is true about chronic exertional compartment syndromea Pain in the lower 13 of the leg during daily activitiesb It can be caused by external tibial torsionc It can be cause by muscle hypertrophyd More than one correct answer is listed 4 Which of the following is a mechanism of acute Anterior compartmentsyndromea Acute macrotrauma b A kick to the anterolateral aspect of the lower legc Excessive pronationd More than one answer if correct5 Which of the following is true about acute tibial stress syndrome a It is usually symptomatic during daily activities b It is caused by a single macrotraumac It is a stress fracture to the tibiad More than one answer is correct6 The mechanism of a sprain of the anterior tibiofibular ligament is a Hyperdorsiflexionb Excessive plantarflexion c Excessive external rotation of the bones in the ankle mortisd More than one answer is correct
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