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LING 101
Strang Burton

Linguistics 101 - Tutorial Problems - TA4 Transcription Practice • Do this problem together as a group of 2 or 3 in tutorial • You do not have to hand this problem in __________________________________________________________________________ Targeted Learning Outcomes: • Transcribe English including the glottal stop, and for the fricatives /s/, /z/, /f/, /v/, and /ʃ/, /ʒ/, /ð/ and /ϴ/, and the vowels ) /i, e, o, æ, ɑ,, ɪ, ʊ / and / ə/ and the consonant sounds noted above. You can also use any other symbol in the transcriptions, as needed • Distinguish broad (underlying) and narrow (surface) levels of transcription. ______________________________________________________________________________ Q1. Transcribe (write in the IPA) each of the following words, • Use broad transcription • You do not have to indicate stress, here • For English ‘r’ you can use /r/ (technically it is upside-down-r in the IPA, but linguists commonly write it /r/, when it’s clear we’re transcribing English). • Your TA will introduce you to the sounds æ and ʊ and any other sounds you need East Stan Afghanistan tea beat ist (not not cap.) stæn
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