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University of British Columbia
Political Science
POLI 100
Christopher Erickson

Libertarians State role should be minimal. Military should be small only for attacks against country Illiberal democracy A state in which elections are held but there is realistically little protection of rights and liberties, and states control over the means of communication means that the party in power generally remains Authoritarian A form of rule that restricts personal liberty and is not accountable to the public Totalitarianism An extreme version of authoritarian rule, in which the state control all aspects of social and economic life Pluralism Theory of the state according to which political power diffuse all organized groups having some influence on state outputs. In IR it is associated both with the English school and with neo liberal theory highlighting the multiplicity or plurality of forces a work in the international system Elitism In a normative sense, the rule of the most able ; in an empirical sense, rule by a group that is beyond popular control Corporatism State incorporates economic interests in order to control them and civil society in general. Modern corporatism refers to a more recent model in which government incorporate key economic interest- notably trade unions and business group- into decision making process Marxism Communitarianism A school of thought that emphasizes the individual particular community as the source of his or her identity, rights and duties; Utilitarianism Behavior of indiviual and governments should be judged by the degree to which their actions maximize pleasure of happiness Globalization Ongoing movement towards economic, political, social and cultural interdependence that has for good or ill reduced the autonomy of sovereign states Cosmopolitan The idea that humans ought to be regarded as a single moral community to which universal principles apply, irrespective of national boundaries Negative liberty Liberty that can be increased by removing external obstacles, such as physical constrains or legal prohibitions Positive liberty Liberty that can be increased either by state action or by removing internal obstacles Harm principle The principle by mill whe
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