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Political Science 220 Comparative Politics Syllabus Part I What is comparative politicsThe study and comparison of domestic politics across countriesWhat intellectual and research traditions have shaped comparative politicsNo one true way of doing thingsHow perceive the worldhow study politicsWhat principles underlie social scientific researchPart IIWhat is the purpose of the state How did the modern state emerge Cut up to nationstates every political unit is a state in a way Feudal units city states etcWhy are some states strong and others weak In degree of powertotal strength Part III Nations and SocietyNationalismnational identityEthnic cleavagescivil war Does civilizational conflict exist Part IV RegimesDemocratic regimesElectoral systemsParty systems Nondemocratic regimesAuthoritarianism Totalitarianism Democratization Political culture and civil societyPart V Markets and development What is the impact of different types of welfare state on poverty Does democracy lead to economic growthWhy do some states remain poor thOct 4covered in class and required readings MidtermthNov 8paper assignment Center Around Documentaries Message Board 1 Vista1 bonus markup of final grade 50 participate 2 bonus markup of final grade 75 high quality and reflect knowledge of assigned readingsInstructor office hours CorrectionThursdays 11am12pm23 pmBuch C306 ellermannpoliticsubccaChapter 1 Introduction in Essentials of Comparative Politics119 Make sure to define bold terms
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