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Political Science
POLI 240
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overall project is to explain by what reasons a commonwealth may govern men and then to establish the best possible way for this government to function in order to accommodate the desires of its denizensman exists in the external world as a reactive creature that senses objects and is driven to act by the constant motions of the worldThese constant motions lead to mans constant and insatiable desires and wants which in a state of nature pits everyone against another in a perpetual state of war so live in fear mans main goal in life is to protect his own life through his rational capacities he reasons that the best way to do this is to establish a state with a power great enough to protect all who consent to live under itThus a state or commonwealth is establishedPart 2best form of government is a monarchy since in any other form of government the sovereign power is not strong enough to protect the subjects from outside invaders and from themselvesA subjects duty to the sovereign is total and acting otherwise is only hurting oneself since the commonwealth is established for the selfpreservation of its subjectsYou may le
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