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Political Science
POLI 333
Catherine Ortner

POLI 328B Final TakeHome ExamJayde JessomeEach city is unique in both the platforms it has used to achieve success and the political framework of governing bodies that have decisionmaking power over the city The cities which are examined here have all employed different strategies and policies as a means of growing the city and achieving local success as urban centres This paper will examine these different strategies by looking to 8 cities from all across the globe It will begin by examining cities over which the local government has policy development powerVancouver St Petersburg and Barcelonaand then look to cities in which the decisionmaking power is shared by the local and national governments namely Rio de Janeiro Incheon Rennes and Berlin Finally it will touch upon one city Bangalore which employs strategies and policies that come almost entirely from the federal government Neill and Schwedler argue that urban planning and development are perhaps the most 1important instruments available to city governments In examining these cities this paper will point out the ways in which the political framework of each city either hinders or enables the local governments impact on the citys urban development success Most of all this paper will argue that local governmentsno matter what degree of autonomy or authority they haveare entirely necessary and vital to the success of cities They are necessary and vital because in many cases they contribute greatly to the urban development of cities which in turn allows cities to grow and expand into successful urban centres1 Neill Schwedler page 38
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