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POLI 375

POLI 375 LECTURE SLIDES SUMMARIES Sept 5Oct 16SEPT 5INTRO Global environmental politics GEPStudying GEP means understanding the conflicts of interests valuesvisions related to the envt are shaped ConcaDabelkoFocus on POLITICS of envtl issues that have a global reachPowerInterestsAuthorityLegitimacySEPT 7WORLDVIEWSPROBLEM DEFINITIONWorldviewsbig pictureideal categoriesneither is right or wrongdifferent emphasisoWhat are the most impt probsoWhy are they happeningoWhere is it happeningoWho is to blameoHow do we solve themoWhen is the deadline for a solutionWorldviewsMARKET LIBERALSFocus economiesa global envtl crisis No some inevitable probs modern ingenuity canwill solve probscauses of probsopovertyoweak economic growthomarket failuresopoor govt policiesimpact of globalization positivesource of progressthe way forwardopromote growthoalleviate povertyomore globalizationomarketbased incentives for clean techovoluntary corporate greeningWorldviewsINSTITUTIONALISTSFocus Institutionsa global envtl crisis Not yet Potential unless we act nowcauses of probsoweak institutionsoinadequate global cooperationounderdevelopmentimpact of globalization positivemore opportunities for cooperation guided globalizationthe way forwardouse globalization for goodostrong global institutionsnormsobuild state capacityWorldviewsBIOENVIRONMENTALISTSFocus ecosystemsa global envtl crisis YES Near or beyond Earths capacity Threat to human survivalcauses of probsooverpopulationoexcessive economic growthooverconsumptionimpact of globalization negativedriver of unsustainable growththe way forwardolimit pop growthoreduce consumptionocollective coercion to ctrl excessesWorldviewsSOCIAL GREENSFocus justicea global envtl crisis Yes Social injusticelocalglobal lvlscauses of probsolargescale industrial life global capitalismoexploitation of marginalizedounequal patterns of consumptionimpact of globalization negativeaccelerating exploitation inequalitiesecological injusticesthe way forwardoreject industrialization andor Kismoreverse economic globalizationoempower localmarginalizedDebateWhat would be the strengthsweaknesses of each approach With which do you identify yourself more or less with WhyDefining International Environmental ProblemsInternational environmental problems are those impacts on the natural environment of human activities that some significant set of people view as negative and that have either a transboundary or international commons aspect Mitchell 2009The politics of intl envtl probs vary widely becauseinterestspowerknowledge
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