POLI 100 Study Guide - Final Guide: World Economy, John Stuart Mill, Natural And Legal Rights

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10 Jul 2014

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Poli 100: midterm study guide: aristotle, polis: if families and villages unite together in a single community to be self-sufficing, the polis or political community comes into existence. The polis would allow everyone to enjoy the good life rather than the mere life : people as political animals : He goes on by saying that whatever political or power order that is in place, the rulers determine what is just and what is unjust to serve their own interest in order to stay in power. Moreover, he sees justice as a tool that rulers use to govern the masses. In other words, he believes that just behavior works to the advantage of other people, not to the person who is acting justly. Therefore, he suggests that the rational thing to do is to ignore justice entirely: explain the main way that socrates counters this claim: