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University of British Columbia
PSYC 101
Bobby Fokidis

Chapter 5- Consciousness Consciousness- refers to an organism’s awareness of itself and its surroundings (subjective experience) Phemenology- how things seem to the conscious person Mental control- the attempt to change conscious states of mind Though suppression- the conscious avoidance of a thought Rebound effect of thought suppression- the tendency of a thought to return to consciousness with greater frequency following suppression Ironic processes of mental control- mental processes that can produce ironic errors because monitoring for errors can itself produce them Dynamic unconsciousness- an active system encompassing a lifetime of hidden memories, the person’s deepest instincts and desires, and the person’s inner struggle to control these forces Repression- a mental process that removes unacceptable thoughts and memories from consciousness Altered states of consciousness- forms of experience that depart from the normal subjective experience of the world and the mind REM sleep- a stage of sleep characterized by rapid eye movements and a high level of brain activity, paralysis of large muscles and dreaming Electrooculograph (EOG)- an instrument that measures eye movements Hypnagogic: “pre-sleep” stage marked by visual, auditory, and kinesthetic sensations Insomnia- difficulty getting or staying asleep Sleep apnea- stops breathing and is awakened by blood levels of carbon dioxide Narcolepsy- Sleep
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