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PSYC 331
Don Dutton

Study Guide - Evidence 1. What are the similarities of physical and memory evidence? What is the main difference? 2. What appear to be the misconceptions in the criminal justice system's operative theory of memory? 3. What evidence issues led to the wrongful conviction of Ivan henry? 4. How does DNA evidence help? Why is it limited? 5. What memory evidence problems occurred in the case of Thomas Brewster? 6. What is the basic paradigm of Loftus's research on memory implantation? 7. What is the basic conclusion? 8. How was the "lost in a mall" study designed to be convincing to ss? 9. What were its results? Do you think it was a good study- why or why not? 10. What percentage of ss are prone to create false memories? What are their psychological characteristics? Are they confident the memories are real? 11. What was the basic design of the Spanos study on implanted memory? 12. What did it find? Why was it plausible to ss? Which ss were most likely to develop a false memory? 13. What credible sources of interpretation of symptoms may generate false memories in everyday situations? 14. What factors (both internal and external) led Paul Ingram t
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