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Don Dutton

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Study Guide - Risk Assessment 1. What is risk assessment? What types of offenses are typically predicted? 2. What is a true positive, false positive, etc? 3. What is the positive predictive power of a test? 4. What styles of assessment typify the first, second and third generation of risk instruments? 5. What was the main problem with the first generation? 6. What defines an actuarial risk assessment test? 7. How was the VRAG developed? 8. How well does it predict violent recidivism? 9. How was the psychopathy checklist devised by Hare? 10. Is it a potent predictor of recidivist violence? How do we know? 11. What typifies the third generation of risk instruments? 12. What are the three risk components of the HCR 20? 13. How well does it predict recidivist violence? How do we know? 14. What are the four risk components of the SARA? 15. According to the study by Williams & Houghton is the SARA or the DVSI the bette
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