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SOCI 100

November 12 2012Housekeeping no race ethnicity on Christmas exam Christmas exam will go up to and including genderSociological theory is also considered either Macro or microConflict and Functionalist ParadigmsMacroThey are used to study social structures large scale social processes and patterns of behaviorSymbolic InteractionismMicroThese theories are more focused on individuals their interactions with one another and how these interactions give rise to society and its social structures Functionalism does not allow you to uncover the inconvenient fact assumes that the world is a fair placeSocial StructureA relatively stable pattern of social behaviorPerforms a Social Function the consequences of social patterns for the operation of society as a wholeRobert MertonManifest Functions the intended or recognized functions of a social phenomenonLatent Functions the unintended and unrecognized functions of a social phenomenonEmile Durkheim 18581917Society has a reality Sui Generis it is not reducible to individuals it has a life of its ownSocial Facts dont have concrete reality not tangibleMakes up Collective Conscience the norms the beliefs notions of merit and moralsPreindustrial societies are Mechanical Solidarity strong religious presence role of punishment and role of religion held the autonomous families living togetherOrganic SolidarityModern societies are kept together by the Division of Labor we are no longer autonomous ex School for education doctors for illness we are functionally dependent We are kept together by functional necessity needing each other
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