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SOCI 200
Silvia Bartolic

Chapter 9 Divorce and RepartneringAncient historical phasePermitted to be enacted on by husbands of influence influence of churchCommon grounds Adultery Wait 7 years before remarriage a justified reasonModern historical phaseDivorce Act of 1968 Reduced waiting period to 3 yearsDivorce Act in 1985 Reduced waiting period to 1Determinants of DivorceMacro structural influencesLegislative changesnofault divorce lawsSelection Effect Locations were getting a divorce is easier lead to woman having a more careful mate selection Decreasing importance of familyWomens increased labour force participationLife course and demographicsComplex family forms Cohabitation premarital pregnancy childbirth age at marriageRational choice or exchange theory approachCouples with high cost due to the presence of children or with relatively low alternatives to divorce because of age or status were less likely to divorcePredictors Age at marriage education premarital births religion and parental divorceDVFM divorce variation and fluidity model The process of divorceMicro individual and relationship dynamic issuesMeso age at marriage parental divorce religious factors etcMacro sex ratios legislation etcEcological Correlates of Divorce BAD ONES END QUICKLY URBAN LIVING INCREASE RISKS SOCIAL INTEGRATION DECREASES DIVORCE RATESDivorces per marriageNumber of divorces in year XXXXNumber of marriages in year XXXXStrength Easy to calculate and isolation to one specific yearWeakness Overestimates the actual divorce rate denominator is a smaller set of people that are actually at risk of divorceCrude divorce rateNumber of divorces in year XXXXMidyear population in year XXXXStrength Easy to calculate Weakness It is inherently conservative the denominator includes many people who are not a risk of a divorceCohort ever married divorce rateNumber of first divorces of those born in year XXXX Number of evermarried persons born in year XXXX Calculated in a specified year
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