Discrete Random Variables: Ch 6 & 7 compiled for MT2

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University of British Columbia
STAT 241
Dale Peterson

Table of Contents Discrete Random Variable36 probability mass function pmf36 cumulative distribution function cdf36 Bernoulli random variable37 pmf of XBernoullip37 mean EX of XBernoullip38 variance VarX of XBernoullip38 Binomial Distribution39 conditions of a binomial distribution39 pmf of XBinomialnp39 cdf of XBinomialnp39 mean EX of XBinomialnp40 variance VarX of XBinomialnp40 Normal Approximation to the Binomial Distribution41 conditions for normal approximation to binomial distribution41 mean EX of a Normal Approx to Binomial Dist41 variance VarX of a Normal Approx to Binomial Dist41 continuity correction42 Q using normal approximation to a binomial distribution42 Geometric Distribution43 pmf of XGeometricp43 cdf of XGeometricp43 mean EX of XGeometricp44 variance VarX of XGeometricp44 return period45 assumptions of return period45 Poisson approximation to Binomial Distribution46 conditions of XPoisson46 pmf of XPoisson46 mean EX of XPoisson46 variance VarX of XPoisson46 characteristics of the Poisson Process47 examples of Poisson random variables47 Waiting time48 Appdendix A background math49 Combinations49 Discrete Random Variable Expanded from page 12 probability mass function pmfpmf of a discrete rv is equivalent to the pdf of a continuous rv 1 012pmf can be formatted into a table X 0 1 2 PXx cumulative distribution function cdfsame meaning as for continuous rvas opposed to continuous rvs where alargest possible value of X less than a because you want to include aex P2X4PX2PX3PX4ORF4F1 36
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