AAD 252 Study Guide - Final Guide: Sociocultural Anthropology, Nonverbal Communication, Language Ideology

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So what exactly is anthropology: humans past and presents behaviours, lifestyles, language, cultures, Evolution of humans includes primate behaviour: huge discipline 4 fields (archaeology, biological, linguistic, sociocultural) Archaeology/physical: material culture, digging up things, looking at tombs, evacuating dig sites. Specially, material culture of past human societies: how we live and how we changed over time, also look at contemporary societies. Biological/evolutionary: human population change over historical times from an evolutionary perspective, disease, migration, diet, nutrition, biological diversity, etc. Through the lens of exploring, gathering from human remains (dead bodies) that they dig up and learn up. Linguistic anthropology: human communication (also non-verbal) language systems and non-verbal communication (i. e. , body language, emotional states, gestures) Discourse analysis ways of talking, language, breaking down linguistics: how language shapes and reflects people"s values, beliefs, worldviews. Evolution of language through human communication how language changes.

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