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AHSS*1100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Kantian Ethics, Fire Worship

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Possible topic for essay:
- For ex. Argue that Krisna is not god and say that everything he says cannot be
- Descartes: his method is flawed so this is why it’s wrong
- Build a brick way so that there’s no holes in the argument
- Monday March 28 Online and hardcopy on Tuesday March 29 144 10HJ 4th
Belinda Pompay or Elaina 5th floor LRC
- Topics:
o Naciketa’s Coversation w/ God of Death
N got thrown in the fire by the fire who was sacrificed by father
Yama (hades/ruler of hell) is the a god (not evil) that retains soul and then
transfers them to the other part. Purifies the soul of evil before they can move
Gives three wishes (boon) short of immortality to N bc he waited for Yama to
come back when he was dealing w/ other souls
o 1) bring me back to earth
o 2) explain purpose of sacrificial fire ritual
o 3) explain what happens after people die; give me K if person dies +
soul carries on or is there actual death for the soul
N wants to learn from death. Who better to tell me about it than death. Death
wants to grant him anything other than that so even immortality! Whatever
desires that are hard to get in the mortal world. I’ll give you the world, but just
don’t ask me that question because even goddesses and gods don’t know what
N has souls within the three days that he was waiting for Yama. He saw “life”
pass by; souls moving alone; souls being purified
N doesn’t want to live bc he’s just gna end up here again
Death is tempting him
- Next Topic in text
- 2 distinctions:
o Better duty born conception; Kantian ethics
o Pleasanter hedonistic pleasures of the world
o Both bind a human being bc of those things
Wise man discriminates what’s the B and P; sometimes have to sacrifice
pleasure for the better. Ex. Help w/ dishes over watching tv
Y said N let pleasures go and compliments him for being smart
Y says atman (soul) is not born or dies (3rd law of tmdnm; E can’t be created
or destroyed)
o It is constant; super consciousness
o fabric of existence
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