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ADM 2337 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Job Analysis

Course Code
ADM 2337
Magda Donia
Study Guide

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Quiz In-class Practice
Question 1
!Yes safer, you don’t want to reduce their expectations
!Job analysis basis
!Yes assuming they have done a job analysis then they would result
and say
!Talking to the employees doing the jobs
Question 2
!Yes this is a BFOQ.
!To determine that it’s a BFOQ you have to have done a job
!Safety first. Firefighting is a physically demanding job.
Question 3
!No this was not a special preparation discriminatory.
!Because this is a male oriented test and showing them what the
test is going to be about how its going to be works towards
women’s advantage.
!Special measures
o!When you implement a special program
o!To facilitate the entry of a group that’s somehow
Question 4
Yes this change helped show women what they are to expect and sort of
decide if they have the potential themselves to do it.
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