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English 1123D Jane Austens Love and FriendshipOutline for the midterm Part A Short Answer This section will consist of 10 questions worth 1 mark each that will test your knowledge of the texts studied thus far in the course and their contextsnames and identities of major characters important details of author biography major historical datesevents etc are all fair game Part B DefinitionExplanationThis section will consist of10 wordsphrases You will need to 1 defineexplain each one and then 2explain how knowledge of this wordphrase aids in the analysis of a text we examined this termYou may NOTidentify the same text twice 2 marks each X 1020 marksPart C Identification and discussion of QuotationsThis section will consist of 10 quotations You will choose FIVE and for each quotation chosen first identify the title of the work from which it comes and its author2 marks You will then discuss the significance of each quote both within its parent text and in the broader literary period in which it was written 2 marks 4 marks total X 520 marksNote all parts of the midterm will draw ONLY from material expressly covered in the lecture notesslides or as highlighted by me in the NortonTomorrow and Friday will constitute our last look at the Romantics I am so sorry to have been absent last week I know that you were in good hands with my husband who is a far greater fan of Mr Wordsworth than I am This said I wouldnt be surprised if some of you are still maybe a bit anxious aboutbaffled by Mr W and worried about the midterm Please dont be Read through the notes I have sent roundwill send round shortly and get in touch if you have any questions I will be on campus for much of the reading break if you want to drop by and very much available to answer questions via email as wellSo Tomorrow well be taking a look at Jane Austens novella Love and Friendship 1790 composed when she was fourteenyears old thVery funny in an 18century sort of way it also satirizes her society in ways that may help us get a clearer grip on some of the key elements of the Romantic view of things For example Austen makes great mock of the Romantic obsession with Nature Note I include Jane Austen in part to give you all a sense of the literary richness of the
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