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ALL THE NOTES September2110The real experience of discovery was when Europeans who had thought t heir society perfect and complete suddenly encountered the unrecognizable other and were forced to reinterpret themselves in the light cast by this new world xxi Germaine Warkentin quoted on pg28 of the anthology Writing about scarcity for a culture of more Often we see pictures of rooms full of rugs and furniture they were a culture that believed the more crap you had in your room the better the Victorians were a culture of consumption Cultural narratives raised and or enhanced by Franklins expeditions Man vs Nature desire for superiority This narrative is just from Franklins first journey the question of why the men did not just turn around earlier before they ran out of food arises Also later on in life Franklin goes out again and dies trying to map the arctic Polar regions as mass emptiness entirely inhospitable to humans A consuming landscape Hubris exaggerated pride or self confidence Franklin is a perfect example of this The last Franklin is ironic because they all die of lead poisoning They put their food in lead tins and then ate the food and obviously were poisoned by the lead and then they died Consumption and cannibalism not absent from the narrative On at least two of Franklins expeditions cannibalism was practiced The British claims that it was by the French Canadians and not the British However upon more recent discoveries and from the Native commentators or recalls that it was in fact the British who also partook in cannibalism Exploration is full of repetition But writers and analyzers claim that that is why people enjoy it Because fiction of the time was also very repetitive The people of Europe began to rethink their Imperial mission to find the North West Passage They werent sure if the missions were turning the explorers into savages this was thought because of the whole cannibalism thing September 24 2010Science fiction is generally believable fiction as that the author gives reason for the way the strange things are there is fact that backs up how things work Manichean Allegory Seeing the world as divided into mutually excluding opposites Autochthonous Means a group of people absolutely separated from the rest of the world or society Everything they have is made up on their own Binary thinking There are two systems they saw the two systems as East vs West The Europeans west vs the Asians east The Europeans see their ways as being the reasonable and logical way of life and the east as being irrational and not logicalAnna Jameson Only lived in Canada for only a year She calls the people of Toronto small town people who are pretending to be worldly She is Toronto because her husband is attempting to become the attorney general of Canada The couple do not get along but her husband needs her to be a political wife And she still needed his friendship Canada is a colony not a country The difference between a country and a colony is a difference of politics But she doesnt describe it that way in her work Pg 180 She is not basing her commentary on politics She feels that Canadians should develop their own nationality because she does not want anything to do with Canada and she feels that they should not have anything to do with Europe This whole text is more an emotional text Travel literature at this time makes use of the picturesque its all about the emotions that the author feels It is meant to in still in us the idea that the author really felt what t hey were writing and they therefore have to react and write about their emotions and feelingsCanada was not liked because it was feared Europeans liked little Swiss villages in the mountains whereas those villages had not been developed in Canada and was therefore scary and big and empty The traveller expects there to be something new Writers want to feel so much that the ability to think is impossible It is feeling before thought when trying to write about Canada WE would rather feel than survey its not so much about describing the landscape but explaining how it makes one feelMelancholy In the picturesque travel writing there is a specific type of melancholy that effects European travel writers They are in awe yet they are sad because they know that the nature of the great lands of Canada is going to be replaced by settlers Its not that the people in Canada are necessarily young but Canada itself is a young place Canadians do not realise according to the author do not understand that they have to grow and that growing takes time All the other explorers at least showed a small amount of interest in the Natives even if it was just economic Jameson however literally could not care less She talks about Native peoples heads and the way that Europeans felt that depending on the dents and shape of ones head scientist could determine how that person is going to act and what they are like as a person She is one of the only people to speak out about the governments land inconsistencies in terms of the government stealing Native lands Susan Moodie She claims that the people moving to Canada are not cut out for the tasks that they are expected to do Most of them were the second sons of aristocrats whose older brothers inherit the European lands and mansions of their fathers and they were expected to start in Canada which was a ton of work farming building cutting down trees ect
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