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Geometrical OpticsPurposeThe purpose of this lab was to observe light rays in order to verify Snells Law observe converging and diverging lenses and to determine focal lengths by various meansSetupProcedure31 reflectionThe laser box was used to shine one beam at an incident angle i and the reflected angle was measured to be r321 refractionA single beam was shone through a Plexiglas rectangular prism and a semicircle Using the incident and refracted lines and Snells law the respective angles and refractive indices were found for each322 PrismThe Plexiglas prism was placed in the path of white light in such a way that the different colour beams refracted at different angles The observations were recorded33 LensesThe laser was switched to 3 beams and was pointed at a converging lens The incident and refraction lines were drawn in and the focal length was measured The same procedure was done for a diverging lens with one difference The focal length that was measured was negative and at the virtual image34 Real imagesThe optical bench was pointed at an object far enough away so that p is essentially infinity The depth of focus was then estimatedPart 2 had the optical bench focusing on the number 4 at various lengths and the p and q values were recorded
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