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httpdwmwwordpresscomtagmediaconcentrationcanadahttpwwwparlgccaContentSENCommittee391TRANreprepfinjun06vol1ehtmhttpwwwcrtcgccaengtranscripts2012tb0910htmlhttpwwwcrtcgccaengtranscripts2012tb0911htmlhttpopenmediacasitesopenmediacafilesMedia20ownership20chart20120pdfhttpwwwnewyorkercomonlineblogscloseread201209mittsfortysevenpercentproblemhtmlhttpwwwnewyorkercomreporting20120924120924fafactleporeSeptember 10Political communication as war sometimes rules brokensometimes not caught Ad that skirts truth or good taste can get more mileage out of media commentary even if immediately withdrawn CTVs doublepronged question afterpromise of footage only of answer no one talked about Dions English before then reframed from hero to goof within few years Karl Rove quotation Ideal features of democratic communication systemPolitical messages are quickly transmitted through a variety of mediaGovernment bureaucracy politicians send messages that promote broad deliberation and understanding media journalists editors frame messages responsibly citizens receive and analyze messages criticallyNo single party or interest group or news organization serves as sole gatekeeperKey principle communication should be openJournalists should avoid melodramaa horserace reportingspinand strive for fairness balance and credible evidencePrivacy laws and libel laws should protect politicians from undue media intrusion Gotcha Journalism
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