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Adaptation process of successful interaction between a population and environment. What is evolution: cultural, technology, biological, physiological, genetic. New evidence support, clarify, reject previous ideas. Carolus linneaus (1707 1778) taxonomy (genus/species) Georges cuvier (1769 1832) catastrophism. Jean-baptiste lamarck (1744 1829) inheritance of acquired traits. Thomas malthus (1766 1834: principle of population. Organisms and behaviour in evolution additively: more individuals are born than can survive, famines, disease, poverty, etc, keep the population in check. Alfred russel wallace (1823 1913: variation in traits/environments, no variation = no natural selection, differential survival and reproduction, evolution by natural selection, co-discovered evolution by natural selection. Fossils of hominid family: retention of ancestral characteristics. Vestigial pelvis and leg bones in whales. Vestigial hind limbs in snakes: comparison of living organisms. 104 amino acids in human cytochrome c: observations of microevolution, selection against mismatching. A group of interbreeding individuals of the same species sharing a common.

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