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6 Feb 2017

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Week 7 (oct 26-26) creating norms and institutions: language and power: language and power, different understandings of the workings of power, gramsci hegemony : hegemony deals with leadership and power. Gramsci explained it as the ideal working of the state through domination by consent. When looking at language it deals with one language being seen as superior over another. An example would be how standard english is seen to be more superior. Linguistic hegemony- one language given superior status over another: 2. Foucault discourse when looking at discourse, faucault related it to discipline and punishment. It looks at how even the mere monitoring can keep society in correct order. An example is how people stop at a stop sign, even though no one is around. The thought of a police officer watching makes people stop at the sign. Through language this connects to the larger-scale power relations that portray specific ideologies upon us in our everyday lives.