ANT211H5 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Spotted Sandpiper, Viviparity, Natural Selection

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5 Oct 2018

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Chapter 1: the animal with the weirdest sex life. Very few animals are paired of in single male- female partnerships often. Of the very 4000 mammals humans are one very weird species in terms of sexuality. For one, people have sex in private, unlike the vast majority of mammals that do not care where or whom in front of they have sex. In human species females do not advertise when they are ovulating like those in animal species. In humans sex does not have to be for reproductive reasons (sex for fun) Animals do not have the concept of marriage (most do not have sexually exclusive rights to only one partner either. Human males and females take part in taking care of their babies. Humans do not defend a territory- instead they share it with other couples in large communities. Women who live past 50 undergo menopause and no longer reproduce.