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10/16/2013-Week6 3:17 PMay, October 16, 2013 All multiple choice and true or false, no essay questions. Ch1 textbook, ch1 &2 in Lee, the linguistics readings, and the video. Sociolinguistics: Basic Concepts 1 When looking at syntax, looking at the rules of language. Linguistic that is more grounded with the community: the theories of Delheim (sp?) address the deficiencies. Shift the focus from the study of text to the story of speeches. Stories, communicative events in real time. Hymes= how are people at communicating. Focus on context and unfolding of speech events. 1. Speech community 1. Basic unit of analysis (D. Hymes, J. Gumperz) 2. Community vs. system (Hymes vs. Chomsky) 2. Communicative competence 1. Beyond descriptive grammar 2. Speech acts, speech events, speech situatations Sociolinguistics: Basic Concepts 2 1.Verbal repertoires -other sociolinguistic concept. Refers to all the verbal and linguistics skills available to individuals. 1.Indicator of social identity & status -involves markers of social status and identity 2.Code‐switching-when studying language in action, most places have a multi-lingual character (bilingual or more) on major language but also others. In what context you use a certain language? This is the context of code switching. 2.Discourse -focus on : 1.Culturally recognized forms of talk -any type of what we call genera ex. Storytelling, it has rules 2.Focus on power relations & dialogic-how discourse engages power relations in a dialogical type of process. Dominant and submissive forms of language Dialect 1. Dialects – variants of a language 1. Regional -has geographic parameters ex. Paris vs quebecois vs acadien french 2. Social -ex. Cockney vs queen's English 3. Registers - ex. The language of the courtroom, soecific and need specialist to decipher. Language of the church, don't use slang or F bombs in church., The locker room has homophilic activities etc. 2. Standard dialects 1. e.g., UK, US (US standard dialect-what hear on the news), France, Indonesia. Usually when several one in one place, there is 1 standard dialect. French (dialect called Ile-de-France French) -was ruthelesly imposed on inhabitants and all others were eliminated by force or at least downgraded. Sometimes imposed on people Indonesia: was a dutch colony. In 1928 Dutch imposed standard dialect, Lingua Franca=language of business Pidgin languages=limited languages (many in New guinea etc), sometimes can evolve into a full blown language then becomes a Creole 3. Non‐standard dialects 1. e.g., Rastafarian Afro‐Lingua (the type of English spoken by descendents of Jamaican immigrants i.e shitstem (system), politrics (politics), I I (you and I). UK When you have two forms of coexisting dialects= Diglossia 1. Co‐existence of two forms of a
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