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Victor Barac

Economics and Culture Economics is based on subsistence to adapt to fit in subsist to live subsistencebasic activity of life according to this perceptionHow did we go from living in small foraging bands to todayEverything more or less starts with agriculture10000 years ago the Neolithic cultivation age began people would now start growing their food on a regular basis HorticultureHorticulture is just a fancy term for gardening Hunting and gatheringforagingvery primitive evolutionary adaptationBased n gender women and men subsistence activity differedHumans are omnivoresrequires diversity in our dietDevelopment of a system of sharing within family and also with a wider band The relative proportion of hunting and gathering is based on complex ecosystem and living close to the equatorMost hunting gathering societies are nomadic move around a lot Low population densities pop Based on foodSome foragers are also sedentary they tend to be aquatic foragers people who live near rivers ponds oceans for fishfood is coming to you why bother chasing itHuntergatherers represent an ideal past can be positive or negativeFood foraging is a complex adaptation Mostly nomadic lifestyle Low population densities Families bandsAnimismshamanismbelieve in spirit beings practice shamanism no class of religious specialist they are people from a community much like their priests Hunting and gathering represents an evolutionary advance from primates who feed as they go and not be choosy of what they huntgather Horticulture represent first farming gardening on a larger scale evolved after huntinggathering Gardening either done in wet tropical hot or dry environments Common type is tropical horticulturegoing in jungles cutting down trees burning trees to create ashcreating fertilizers and this is where they grow their gardenSwidden Agriculture Dryland gardeningprehistoric Europe planting in an open field and waiting for enough rain to accumulateSpecialized farming also existed Horticultures use simple technologies hand held stuff Requires a lot of land Sedentary but once the soil gets depleted they move on they call this extensive use of landabout every 10 years
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