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Jaqueline Brunning

Multiple Choice 1. What does a socio-cultural anthropologist hope to reveal about a culture by looking beyond the everyday experience and doing cross- cultural analysis? A. the political anatomy of the culture B. the meanings people give to everyday experiences C. the true nature of society D. the statistical basis of social hierarchies 2. Which of the following options best describes why people from different societies understand and interpret similar life events in different ways? A. They culturally ascribe different meanings to the experience. B. Biological differences affect brain development. C. They come from different geographical regions. D. People are individualistic in their assigning of meaning. 3. What is the main social function of funeral customs in Italy? A. to allow an ancestor a chance to offer advice B. to discourage the dead from returning C. to force family members to make an offering D. to bring good luck to the household 4. What research method did early anthropologists, such as E. B. Tylor, use? A. relativistic B. comparative C. salvage D. participant 5. What research method is being used when an anthropologist lives among the people of the culture being studied and engages in the practices of their everyday life? A. objective engagement B. impartial observation C. inductive survey D. participant observation 6. What does ethnography represent? A. description and analysis of anthropological fieldwork. B. analysis using the comparative method C. a survey summary D. an ethnocentric interpretation 7. Unlike in anthropology, where the researchers are concerned about the issue of representation, in the mass media there is still a tendency to represent particular cultural groups as homogeneous. What is the term for this kind of uncritical stereotyping? A. essentialism B. journalism C. moralism D. passivism 8. Why is ethnocentrism academically challenging for socio-cultural anthropologists? A. It creates unbiased understanding. B. It impedes intercultural understanding. C. It creates uneven social hierarchies. D. It creates unbiased representation. 9. While doing fieldwork in Turkey, you heard numerous informants talk about
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