CHM120H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Adsorption, Bohr Model, Refraction

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4 Apr 2016

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Differentiating between matter and energy: refraction: light travels at diff speeds through different media (medium). When passing from one medium to another the speed of wave changes. If wave strikes boundary at an angle other than 90 degrees, then the direction of the wave changes. Interference: if crests of a wave meet and coincide (in phase) then they interfere constructively to form a brighter region, if they coincide with troughs then they interfere destructively to form a darker region. Solid object heated begins to emit visible light: red glow bright orange bright white. Planck claimed that the blackbody could emit or adsorb only certain quantities of energy. E = nh where n is the change in energy state (ex. When light of sufficient energy shines on metal, a current flows b/c light transfers energy that frees electrons from the surface of the metal. In dim light, there are fewer photons of higher energies (frequency)

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