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Lisa Trentin

Greek Suffixes May-15-13 1:08 AM 1. -al: pertaining to, like, belonging to, having the character of 2. -an (-ian): pertaining to, like, one connected with 3. -ous (-ious): full of, pertaining to, like 4. -ic, -tic (-ac after i): pertaining to, like -tic, -stic: pertaining to the act or process of 5. -ics, -tics: art, science, or study of 6. -oid, -ode: like, having the shape of 7. -emia (-hemia): condition of the blood, congestion of blood 8. -logy : science of, systematic study of 9. -lysis: dissolution of or by (surgical division or separation) 10. -mania: madness for or about 11. -pathy: disease of, treatment of disease of or by 12. -phobia: abnormal fear of 13. -therapy: treatment of or by 14. -tomy: surgical operation on, surgical cutting of 15. -ectomy: surgical removal of 16. -uria: condition of the urine 17. -genous, -genic: producing, produced 18. -hedron: solid figure having a (specified) number of faces 19. -iasis: diseased condition, often refers to an infestation by parasites 20. -meter: instrument for measuring, measure -metry: art or science of measuring 21. -nomy: science of, system of laws governing 22. -oecious: having a house or dwelling 23. -philous, -philic: loving, thriving in, polli
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