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University of Toronto Mississauga
Lisa Trentin

Latin BASES May-29-13 8:21 PM APT-: to fit HER-, HES-: to stick BREV-: short (brevis) AUD-, AUDIT-: to hear JAC-: to lie DUR-: hard, dura mater BULLI-: to boil JECT-: to throw; (durus) FERV-: to bubble LEG-: to read EQU-: equal FER-: to boil LID(e)-: to strike PAR-: equal (par) COCT-: to cook, to boil LOQU-: to speak FORT-: strong CAD- (-CID-), CAS-: to fall, FA-, FAT-: to speak GRAV-: heavy (gravis) befall MOB-: to move GUTT-: drop (gutta) LAB-, LAPS-: to slip, to fall,MOV-, MOT-: to move MOLL-:soft (mollis) to glide NASC, NAT-: to be born MIT-: soft CAL-: to be warm NOC-: to harm MULT-: many (multus) CAP- (-CIP-), CAPT- (-CEPT-): PATI-, PASS-: to suffer, to endure PLUR-: more,many to take, to seize PLET(e)-:to fill (plus) CERN-, CRET-, CRE-: to PLIC-, PLICIT-:to fold PLAN-: flat (planus) separate, to distinguish, to PON-, POSIT-, -POSE: to put, to place SACR-: sacred secrete (through French, POUND-) SANCT-: sacred CREN-: notch (crena) FUG-: to flee, to put to flight SEN-: old (senex) CID-, CIS-: to cut, to kill POSS-: to be able VETER-: old SCIND-, SCISS-: to cut, to POT-: to be powerful SERR-: saw, saw-tooth split PRUR-, PRURIT-: to itch (serra) FID-, FISS-: to split REG- (-RIG-), RECT-: to make straight, to rule SICC-: dry (siccus) SEC-, SEG-, SECT-: to cut SPEC- (SPIC-): to look TUSS-: cough (tussis) CLUD-, CLUS-, CLOS-: to SUD-: to sweat AC(U)-: sharp, sour, close, to shut TEG-, TECT-: to cover needle (acus) CLAUS-: to close TEND-, TENS-, TENT-: to stretch; MAGN-: large, great CRED-: to believe TENDIN-: tendon (tendo) (magnus) CREPIT-: to creak, to crackle PALP-: to touch, to stroke VACU-: empty (vacuus) CUB-, CUMB-, CUBIT-: to lie TANG- (-TING-), TIG-, TACT-: to touch PROPRI-:one's own CUR(R)-, CURS-: to run, to TORQU-, TORT, TORS-: to twist (proprius) go TRUD-, TRUS-: to push, to thrust TUBER-: swelling (tuber) GRAD-, GRESS-: to step, to PEL(L)-,PULS-: to push, to drive, to beat LEV-: light (in weight) go VAL-: to be strong, to be well (levis) CED-, CESS-: to go, to yield VAL-: to be worth LONG-: long (longus) I-, IT-: to go VIGIL-: to watch MAL(E)-: bad (malus) MEAT-: to go, to pass HABIT-: to live GLABR-: smooth MIT(T)-, MIS(S)-: to send, to VIV-: to live (glaber) let go COL-: to inhabit LAT-: broad wide (latus) CUR-: care PRON-: inclined, face DORM-, DORMIT-:to sleep down (pronus) ERR-: to wander, to deviate PROXIM-:near, nearest AG-, ACT-: to do, to drive, (proximus, nearest the to act body) FAC- (-FIC-), FACT- (-FECT-): TERR-: frightened to do, to make VARI-: varied, changing, FEND-: to hit spotted (varius) GEN-, GENIT-: to produce, to beget; GENER-: race, kind (genus) PAR-, PART-: to give birth to, to produce FER-: to bear, to carry, to produce produce GER-, GEST-: to bear, to carry LAT-: to bear, to carry VEH-, VECT-: to carry FLA-, FLAT-: to blow FLEX-, FLECT-: to bend FRANG- (-FRING-), FRAG-, FRACT-: to break, to bend RUMP-, RUPT-: to break, to burst FRIG-: to be cold FUNCT-: to perform FUND-, FUS-: to pour, to melt (through French, FOUND-) AMBUL-: to walk ACU-: to sharpen PLEX-: to interweave,to CRE-, CRESC-, CRET-: to LIG-: to bind braid grow VIN(C)-: to bind PUNG-, PUNCT-: to FLU-, FLUX-: to flow; CING-, CINCT-: to bind, to gird prick, point (punctum) FLUVI-: river (fluvius) CUT-, CUSS-: to shake, to strike RAD-, RAS-: to scrape FOSS-: ditch, trench, to dig DOL-: to feel pain, to cause pain REG-: to rule (fossa) FOR-: to bore, to pierce RIG-: to be stiff JUNCT-: to join; JUG-: yoke FUL(C)-: to prop up ROS-: to gnaw (jugum) HAL-, HALIT- to breathe SENS-: to feel PART-: part, to divide (pars) SPIR-: to breathe PAT-: to spread or lie open HI-, HIAT-: to stand open SCRIB-, SCRPIT-: to write PEND-, PENS-: to hand, to LIQU-: to be liquid SIMUL-: to like weigh, to pay GUST-: to taste STA-, STAT-: to stand PET-, PETIT-: to seek MAND-: to chew STRU-, STRUCT-: to PRESS-: to press VOR-: to eat construct, to build ROD-, ROS-: to gnaw NUTRI-, NUTRIT-: to nourish SCAND- (-SCEND-), SALI- (-SILI-), SALT- (-SULT-): PA(SC)-: to feed SCANS-: to climb to leap, to jump PALL-: to be pale TUM-: to swell SED- (-SID-), SESS-: to sit, to settle VOLV-, VOLUT-: to roll, SENS-, SENT-: to feel, to to turn perceive VERT-, VERS-: to turn STRING-, STRICT-: to draw VELL-, VULS-: to tear tight SOLV-, SOLUT-: to HAUST-: to draw out, to loosen, to dissolve drink TEN- (-TIN-), TENT-: to hold TRACT-: to draw, to drag DUC-, DUCT-: to lead, to draw SORB-, SORPT-: to suck in ANIMAL PLANTS Location/ Shape AL-: wing (ala) ACIN-: grapes in a cluster (acinus) APIC-: tip, summit, apex CAN-: dog (canis) ANNUL-: ring (annulus) (apex) CAUD-: tail (cauda) AQU(A)-: water (aqua) CAMER-: chamber (camera) CORN(U)-: horn (cornu) ARBOR-: tree (arbor) CRIST-: crest (crista) EQU-: horse (equus) CARIN-: keel (carina) CUNE-: wedge (cuneus) GREG-: flock (grex) CORON-: crown (corona);COROLL-: little ARC(U)-: bow, arch (arcus) NID-: nest (nidus) crown (corolla) FORNIC-: arch (fornix) ROSTR-: beak (rostrum) CORTIC-, CORT-:bark,outer layer (cortex) LACUN-: small pit, gap VERM-: worm (vermis) FLOR-: flower (flos) (lacuna) VERM-: worm (vermis) FLOR-: flower (flos) (lacuna) OV-: egg (ovum) FAV-: honeycomb(favus) FOVE-: pit (fovea) PRED-: prey (praeda) FRUG-, FRUCT-: fruit (frux) LATER-: side (latus) PISC-: fish (piscis) FRUTIC-: shrub (frutex) LIMIN-: threshold (limen) FORMIC-: ant (formica) FOLI-: leaf (folium) LINE-: line (linea) FLAGELL-: whip, whiplike FALC-: sickle (falx) MEDI-: middle (medius) appendage (flagellum) HERB-: plant RADI-: spoke of a wheel, ray PLUM-:feather (pluma) RADIC-: root (radix) (radius) PINN-, PENN-: feather, RAM-: branch (ramus) RUG-: wrinkle (ruga) wing, fin (pinna; penna) RACEM-: cluster of grapes or berries SULC-: furrow, groove (racemus) (sulcus) GEMM-: bud (gemma) STRI-: furrow, groove (stria) GERM-, GERMIN-: sprout, bud, germ CAPS-: box (capsa) (germen) ROT-: wheel (rota) SAC(C)-: bag, sac (saccus) VAS-: vessel (vas) BURS-: bag, pouch (bursa) NOD-: knot (nodus) FUNG-: mushroom,fungus (fungus) UNC-, UNCIN-: hook (uncus; FUS-: spindle (fusus) uncinus) LIGN-: wood (lignum) NUC-: nut (nux) PALLI-: mantle, covering (pallium) VEL-: veil, covering (velum) STIP-, STIPIT-: stalk (stipes) CAUL-: stem, stalk (caulis) STRAT-: layer (stratum) UMBR-: shade, shadow (umbra) PILE-: cap (pileus) BODY PARTS/ WASTE OTHERS ARTICUL-: joint (articulus) NEV-: birthmark, mole ARGENT-: silver (argentum) VIR-: PALAT-: palate, roof of the (nevus) ALB-: white (albus) poison mouth (palatum) NOMIN-, NOM-: name CAN-: white, gray (canus); PULVER- BUSS-: cheek, mouth (bucca) (nomen) CAND-: to be glowing white , PULV-: MAL-: cheek, cheekbone PELV-: pelvis LUTE-: yellow, corpus dust (mala) PONT-: bridge (pons) luteum (luteus) (pulvus) PIL-: hair (pilus) PULVIN-: cushion FLAV-: yellow (flavus) ANS-: CAPILL-: hair (capillus) (pulvinus); PULVILL-:little FUSC-: dark, brown, tawny jug CAPIT- (-CIPIT-): head (caput) cushion (pulvillus) (fuscus) handle, TEMPOR-:the temples PUR-: pus (pus) LUMIN-: light (lumen) loop (tempera, pl.) RECT-: straight, rectum LUC-: light, to shine (lux) (ansa) MENT-: mind (mens) (rectus) RUB(R)-: red (ruber) ARE-: MENT-: chin (mentum) STERCOR-, STERC-: NIGR-: black (niger) space BARB-: beard (barba) excrement(stercus) (area) CEREBR-: brain (cerebrum) FEC-: excrement,sediment BULL-: bubble, blister CALC-: FRONT-: forehead, front (feces) (bulla) limeston (
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