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Mariapia Pietropaolo

Bacchylides Ode5 - Begins with praising Hieron of Syracuse (Muses give him gifts) & his horse Pherenicos (won Olympic races) by servant ourania (a muse too, who is gold-banded) by is cut off by Zeus eagle. - Hercules also known as ruiner of the gates (held the bold hearted shaker of the spear)and goes to underworld to slay Cerberos - Meleagros is supposedly guarded by his mom althaia so he can live for long - It later talks about Hercules who descended to the realm of death while performing his labors and encounters meleagros whos sister Hercules takes and marries ->Deianeira , whose hands he is destined to die Heracles - Zeus made the nights long till 3 looked like Amphitryon to sleep with Alcmene -> 2 sons -> Hercales to zeus and Iphicles to Amphitryon. - When heracules was born Hera sent two giants serpents to kill him. But Hercules killed them. - Some say Amphitryon did it to see who is real son was, and Iphicles fled, thats how he found out it was his. - Heracles teachers include: Autolycos (wrestle), Eurytos (bow), Castor (armor) After the Labors - Hercules gave back Megara to Iolaos - He joined a prized game with Eurytos, and when heracules won, he went back on his word of giving Iole to Heracules who they feared would kill the kids - After this, some cattle got stolen and Eurytos thought it was Heracules. Eurytos son Iphitos didn’t believe it and went to see Heracules who went crazy and killed him. And he felt sorry so tried to get purified and caught a deadly disease (from HIppolytos while cleanse) - He tried to steal the tripod to get the oracle to cure his disease FROM a temple, APOLLO fought Heracules, Zeus send a thunderbolt to separate them. He got sold served for 3 yrs. Hermes put him up for sale. - Diadalos statue is alive at pisa Alcimena - Jupiter came as Amphitryon and talked about the siege in Oechalia (the war he went to), slept with him 3 nights long. - When Amphitryon came back, she didn’t go to see him and he was surprised, when he found out what had happened, he didn’t sleep with her after that and Heracules was born Know the 12 Labors imposed by Eurystheus on Heracules Other side Labors - Apollo is know as Mars - He killed the sea monster that was about to devour Hesione and killed her father who failed to give her to him after like said - He killed the eagle that
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