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Communication, Culture and Technology
Neil Narine

Why is there advertising? Contradiction in advertising o Find ways to explain why we should buy it ex. eco-friendly, no transfat, etc When and why did ads begin? o First: nationwide campaign for a shoe polish in England 1820s o Socio-historical factors=advertising part of everyday life Mass Consumption o Must have a mass of consumers that are ready to buy the products and sustain the system o Mass democratization= nearly everyone can consume. 1850s-1900 Migration and displacement o Lost of direct connection to land, work and trade o Homogenization of workers: similar tasks o Crisis of uniqueness, individuality o Crisis of meaning-- of work and larger picture o e.g. Factory workers. Mass production o People need to be convinced of new meaning of life. Post industrial society o People have connections with the environment, people they love etc. o Reflect avatar Ads try to re-connect us o Ads are a way of making things meaningful to us o We are no longer connected to the land o We no longer know the shopkeepers names o But we recognize Dunstan Hines, Green Giant, brand... Strasser says: o Modern consumers society, based on mass consumption is a natural state of affairs... Its inevitable o It is historically contingent o Based on inherit values o Advertising reflects and influences what we value: Abundance of choices Convenience Newness Advertising and the End of the World o Jhally www.notesolution.com o Watch: http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=bdpucXyZNCM Vanderbilt o The advertised life is an emerging mode of being in wc advertising not only occupies every last negotiable public terrain, but penetrates the cognitive process, invading consciousness to such a point that one expects and looks for advertisez. Learns to lead life as an ad, to think like an advertiser. Heterosexuality and Homosexuality Abercrombie & Fitch, Budweiser 1990s Starts to advertise in gay magazines -largest advertisers are beer companies Emphasis on couples and gays as just like us Bud Lights Be yourself campaign In 1990s ads start working playfully with Stereotypes The catch 22 of underrepresented groups seeking representation is that they are always in the position of representing themselves in their difference from the dominant group Tends towards resurrection of stereotypes (Will and Grace); the difference is that the stereotype is now being used for the benefit of the minority group itself rather than the dominant group. e.g. Abercrombie madtv Gay Ads (not Vague!) Tobacco and Community -Specific Ads Philip Morris decided to target gay readers of Genre magazine in 1992 Had modest hopes for the campaign but learned that gay people smoked more A wall street journal reporter made the ads national news by outing the tobacco companys intent How did Gay People Feel about being targeted? Two main responses: o Gay leaders felt the ads meant that barriers are beginning to fall and that we respect you as consumers and want your business o Others said cigarrettes kill The gay community already had health concerns and didnt need the Malboro man to pull the trigger. Other Communities? Black and Hispanic communities began resisting being targeted by tobacco and alcohol advertising A similarity: gay publications need ad $ to survive, so took on ads from tobacco firms Black and hispanic communities in US urban centres also needed income, so took ad $ from tobacco and alcohol firms. www.notesolution.com
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