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2011 Winter - Final Exam - Questions.pdf

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Michael H O

NAME PRINTLastSurnameFirst Given NameSTUDENT SIGNATURE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO MISSISSAUGA APRIL 2011 FINAL EXAMINATION ECO349H5S Money BankingFinancial Markets Ho Cheung Michael Ho Duration3 hours Aids NonProgrammable CalculatorsThe University of Toronto Mississauga and you as a student share a commitment to academic integrityYou are reminded that you may be charged with an academic offence for possessing any unauthorized aids during the writing of an exam including but not limited to any electronic devices with storage such as cell phones pagers personal digital assistants PDAs iPods and MP3 playersUnauthorized calculators and notes are also not permittedDo not have any of these items in your possession in the area of your desk Please turn the electronics off and put all unauthorized aids with your belongings at the front of the room before the examination beginsIf any of these items are kept with you during the writing of your exam you may be charged with an academic offenceA typical penalty may cause you to fail the coursePlease note you CANNOT petition to rewrite an examination once the exam has begunQ1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Total Marks 20 11 12 14 14 10 19 100 Diagramsa bcSubTotalPage 1 of 17 20 marks 1 a What are the similarities and differences between liquidity premium and preferred habitat theories and expectations and segmented markets theories b How do liquidity premium and preferred habitat theories explain the three important empirical facts about the yield curve c Use properly labeled diagrams to help you explain the implications on future shortterm interest rates and the slope of the yield curve with the presence of a liquidity premium term Diagrams 2 marks Explanation a 7 marks b 6 and c 5 marks For Answer to Question 1 Only Page 2 of 17
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