ENG110Y5 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Salver, Underground Railroad, Unreliable Narrator

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23 Jan 2018

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Born around 1818 not sure cause date was not recorded for slaves. Best known of a whole genre for writing known for slave narrator. Antebellum &&& postbellum before war and after war. 1 idea that comes up for slave narrative is that it is degrading and dehumanizing important political point. White people who were not slave owners would not believe it b/c they believe its impossible for people to be treated this way. Trick is to present their horror often done through really specific details. 1 he gives geographic location so precisely, he does not say it straight up, he gives a lot of detail to give the reader the sense that we should trust the narrator. Moving & powerful, narrative has specific political goal. 29 example of how douglas uses the power of his words & the details of what he does not know.

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