ENV100Y5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Bighorn Sheep, Quokka, Interstellar Cloud

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29 Jun 2016
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ENV100Y5 Full Course Notes
ENV100Y5 Full Course Notes
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What are two of the steps involved in the scientific method? (3 marks) The scientific method tests ideas through observation, questioning and experimentation. Enables scientists to undertake critical analysis of evidence. It assumes: (a) the universe works according to natural laws, (b) events arise from causes, and cause other events, (c) we use logic, systematic testing, and our senses to understand natural laws. Steps of scientific method: (a) make observations and ask questions, (b) formulate hypotheses - preliminary explanations, (c) use hypotheses to generate predictions - specific statements that can be tested, (d) interpret test results - support or reject hypothesis. Summarize the story of the formation of our solar system, leading up to the formation of. The nebular theory explains the origin of the solar system: interstellar cloud of gas and dust, rotation, gravitational collapse, solar nebula, nuclear fusion in the sun, condensation, accretion, differentiation. Consider a desert in north america and a desert in australia.

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