ENV100Y5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Keystone Species, Environmental Science, Sustainable Development

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29 Jun 2016
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ENV100Y5 Full Course Notes
ENV100Y5 Full Course Notes
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***if not indicated otherwise, all questions are worth 2 marks*** I would really appreciate it if someone could post the answers on. Environmental science studies ecosystems and factors involves in it: the science of how ecosystems in nature are operating. Environmentalism takes a more humanitarian approach in that it looks at how humans have affected and continue to affect and will effect the environment. It also take a more involved approach in that they are the individuals who create and are involved in campaigns to reduce and prevent harm to the environment: define sustainability or sustainable development. (1 mark) R = apply to species that are: small bodies, mature at a fast rate and live in unstable, and as a result attempt to maximize their offspring"s. This then involve low parental involvement and offspring"s becoming independent right away: weeds, mosquito, mice. K = large bodies, mature at a slower rate and live in stable, diverse ecologies.

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