ENV201H5 Final: All Case Studies for Exam

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7 Jan 2016

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Case studies: collapse of the atlantic cod fishery. Staples theory- uses globalization and its effect on resources: harold innis (pg. 29 from text: deals with producing goods and resources and access to resources. There are inherit dangers in having complete dependence on resources. Innis predicted the collapse of atlantic cod fishery. He predicted that globalization would cause the resource to decrease and that our access to the resource was not infinite and was gonna end sometimes) A very brief history of east coast fisheries. 15th century: europeans came for whaling and began cod fishing. Cod fishing began as artisimal fishing- aboriginals would use it for their needs and the type of fishing they would use was very primitive and not depletive. Europeans came for whale (for their blubber thats used for oil) and eventually caught on to cod fishing. They though the cod resource was infinite because they saw so many cods.

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