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5 According to Food First and other critics what is the Blue Revolution and how did it work out in the shrimp production sector How do Tim Lang and Michael Heasman define food injusticeBlue Revolution the concerted effort to increase the industrially farmed production of a diverse array of aquatic species Like the earlier Green Revolution the Blue Revolution is frequently promoted as a way to help feed the worlds hungry by increasing the supply of affordable foodBlue revolution created industrial shrimp farming This caused social dislocation ecological change and environmental destruction worse than many earlier forms of Green Revolution technologies One of the most critical problems identified loss of communal resourcesTim Lang and Michael Heasman define food injustice as the maldistribution of food poor access to a good diet inequities in the labour process and unfair returns for key suppliers along the food chain20 What are the main benefits of standards and grades Those of brandsStandards and grades o Producers of quality output may obtain maximum value o Customers know exactly what they are getting o Handling and transportation done more efficiently by combining similar goods from different providersBrands o To address adulteration and guarantee quality o Customer loyalty 24 What is the defining characteristic of oilseeds What is the main Canadian contribution to the oilseed industry Where are most Canadian sunflowers grown What are the main obstacles that Southern American soy producers have had to contend with Which soybean variety is credited with significantly extending the range of soybean production in Ontario Why and how do soybeans need to be processed before being fed to animals What other alternative approach to using soybeans as animal food is currently being examinedMain Canadian contribution CanolaWhere most Canadian sunflowers are grown Southern Manitoba Main obstacles that South American soy producers have had to contend with Poor road and rail infrastructureEconomic instability and environmental concerns Soybean variety credited with significantly extending the range of soybean production in OntarioThe Maple series Why and how do soybeans need to be processed before being fed to animals Processing must be done to separate soybean oil from protein meal Three processesSolvent extraction using hexane to wash oil from flaked oilseedsContinuous pressing using a screw at higher temperatures to press oil from conditioned soybeansHydraulicbatch pressing intermittent pressing at higher temperatures to press oil from conditioned soybeans Alternative approach to using soybeans as animal food currently being examined o Use as a biodiesel soy methyl esters26 What have been the main trends in recent years in terms of grain and horticultural crops How significant have the latter become compared to the former Where has most of this growth taken place Trends in recent years in terms of grain and horticultural cropsIncreased profitable diversification into horticultural cropsBetween 19602000 area devoted to horticultural crop worldwide 2xSignificance of horticultural crops compared to grainsTotal value of horticultural crops x2 that of cereal crops and require more labourMost of this growth has occurred in Latin America and China27 Name two of the four main environmental advantages of the oil palm crop i High yields ii Good energy balance fertilizing labour transport processingless energy iiiEfficient carbon sink ivEcological functions of a rainforest rain erosion prevents invasive species but then soil hasno capacity to maintain biodiversityis depleted of nutrients28 Name two of the three main issues associated with oil palm cultivation i Destruction of tropical rainforests ii Indigenous land rights harvesting pesticide applicationiii Labour rights abuse29 List and describe briefly five 5 crucial processes in coffee production1 Manual harvesting 2 Sorting before pulping 3 Pulping coffee manualwashing station separates outer skin from the bean 4 Coffee washing 5 Coffee drying dried on sun to 1112 moisture content 30 According to your professor what are the general pros and cons of eating meat versus plant foodProsLess toxic Concentrated source of nutrients lipids carbohydrates vitamins and minerals calories high quality proteins and fatsMost digestible plants deficient in essential amino acids and vitamins such as vitamin B12Most plants more tedious to prepare ConsAnimals can run or fight backSpoils more quicklyContains dangerous parasites31 According to your professor what are the main characteristics of modern industrial livestock production Raising similar animals in close proximityStandardized feed for rapid weight gain and uniformityLow levels of nontherapeutic antibiotics and growth hormones to stimulate growth and improve production and performanceGenetic selection to accentuate desirable traits to create uniform meat productsMechanization of feeding watering and other husbanding activities32 List 3 advantages of domesticating as opposed to hunting animals What were the three main different environments in which pigs used to be raised What is pannage List two 2 historical advantages and two 2 historical disadvantages in keeping pigs as opposed to ruminantsAdvantages of Domesticating 1 Insurance against crop failure reliability 2 Convenience3 Milk 4 Transportation
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