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Pierre Desrochers

Questions GGR329 1. Give a basic definition of environmental determinism. What is Ludwig von Mises' take on the concept? 2. What is Ricardo Hausmann's argument as to how the fact that a country is 'landlocked' affects its growth prospects? How does he account for the plight of tropical agriculture? 3. What is Pinkovskiy and Sala-i-Martin's take on the various environmental determinist explanations that have been used to explain Africa's current social and economic plight? 4. What is Diamond's take on traditional 'environmental determinist' arguments? 5. What is the megafauna 'overkill' hypothesis? What are the main arguments in its favour? 6. What are the main arguments against the megafauna overkill hypothesis? What are the alternative explanations for the disappearance of megafauna outside of Africa? What is Diamond's position in this debate? 7. Describe concisely the range of Polynesian environmental conditions. Describe concisely the types of societies that resulted from these conditions. What does this prove according to Diamond? 8. According to Diamond, what factors did not really account for the success of Spanish Conquistadors? What factors were more significant? What is George Raudzens' main critique of Diamond's proximate (or most significant) factors? What was the key factor in his opinion? 9. What were the main advantages of horses over llamas? What are the main qualities that Spani
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