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Yonatan Eyal

Manifest Destiny The term manifest destiny coined by John OSullivan belongs to the 1840s and doesnt apply to any other time Manifest destiny consisted of two parts The first was the materialistic part of it that was to obtain goods and desire for land to increase American trade The second part was idealistic spreading republican ism and eliminate monarchies to spread Protestantism and defeat Catholicism and for whites to defeat brown Mexicans It is these characteristics that make manifest destiny only applicable to this time period An obvious significance of manifest destiny was that it drove America to obtain almost all of its current westward statesA less obvious but equally or even maybe of greater importance was that manifest destiny is that it was one of the main causes of the civil war Many historians would argue that if it were not for American expansion west driven by manifest destiny then there may have never been any conflict between the north and the south After new territories were obtained America had to make a decision on slavery in those territories causing tension between those who wanted free land the north and those who wanted slavery in those territories the south Eerie Canal It was built on 1825 The Eerie Canal a man made waterway was a canal from the Hudson River in New York to Lake Eerie At the time many canals were being built along with the Eerie Canal The Eerie Canal was revolutionizing AmericaIt was significant for so many reasons It connected America and created many opportunities to travel and trade to places previously inaccessible or difficult to reach without canals It created new markets that previously couldnt be reached It gave America a greater sense of unity A feeling that the states were finally connected and all one rather than a group of separate states Furthermore it showed advancement of technology with how the Canal was able to be built and then additionally led to further advancements including the creation of the steam boat It was the Eerie canal and other canals that kicked off the Market Revolution transformation of America by uniting it using new transport for people and trade Additionally it set the foundation for later development of Americas strong economic development Market Revolution was the transformation of America by uniting it using new transport for people and trade The market revolution consisted of two parts The transport revolution part which made it easier to transport people and trade throughout America And a second part that was the communication revolution which made it easier to communicate throughout America The War of 1812 made people in America worried that barely holding off England was not good enough and was too close for comfort People via there legislatures were saying that it can be blamed on lack of infrastructure Henry Clay supported this very strongly Infrastructure as in roads and communication structures The better these structures the better the movement of good and soldier to where they need to be Henry Clay then created the American System The American System was to build rebuild and improve roads and other infrastructure to help better protect America and to connect America in which he knew he would help promote nationalism and strengthen the country The Market Revolution led to the creation of the steamboat by Robert Fulton Railroads reached America in the 1830s and further unified America The communication revolution part led to the creation of the telegraph by Samuel Morse It was the first time anyone could send messages in real time before that it was a galloping horse that took a long time Another significance of the Market Revolution was the change from agrarianism to industrialization stSamuel Slater created the 1 textile factory in which cloth was created from cotton This was the beginning of industrialization in America Also created was the cotton gin by Eli Whitney The cotton gin
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