LIN204H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Adverb, Suppletion

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4 Jul 2019

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Lin204 final review: focal: knowledge/naturally know it"s right. ex: walking , descriptive & prescriptive, how to do{prescriptive} & describing the observation {descriptive, prescriptive: (1). Grammatical: to whom did you say that? (2). Ungrammatical: who did you say that to: descriptive: (1). Grammatical: who did you say that to? (2). Ungrammatical: did you say who that to: the difference b/w lay and lie: To be, to stay or to assume rest in a. I lie down to sleep horizontal position, so the subject is the one doing the lying . To put or set something down, so if. Now i (sub) lay me (obj) down or the subject is acting on an object, to sleep . I (sub) lay down the book (obj) or. Last week i laid down the law or. Grandma had laid the chicken in the oven .