POL114H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: United Nations Conference On International Organization, Security Dilemma, Mutual Assured Destruction

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10 Dec 2017

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Explain using specific examples to illustrate your answer. Explain the realist, liberal and at least one of the critical perspective on the issue of globalization. States want to protect their share and back away from interconnection: the economic nationalism will prevail. States will cooperate in the world economy when it is in their interest to do so but will frequently be in conflict or competition. Governments are primarily concerned with themselves and this is just a way to increase power: trade barriers, existence of trade wars etc. are evidence that the world economy is a competitive arena to pursue state interest. French and german markers as one and institute free trade amongst them later more members: what happened in europe can happen in the world with less conflicts present, liberals look at other dimensions other than the economic view. Individuals, households and firms maximizing their opportunity to pursue mutually beneficial exchange in the global market place.

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