POL114H5 Study Guide - Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, Truman Doctrine, Mikhail Gorbachev

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6 Jan 2011

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Chapter 3: the cold war & foreign policy analysis. cold war dominated global politics for over 40 years. citizens of every state on earth put @ risk by nuclear arms race. cold war was fought in international area through diplomacy, ideological rhetoric, arms races, regional proxy wars and interventions, & competition for allies & military basses around the world. most countries of western europe joined nato, which bound me mbers to come to assistance of any me mber should it be attacked; nato built against threat posed by. warsaw treaty organization (wto), com monly called warsaw pact, joined countries of eastern europe with soviet union in alliance against nato. origin of cold war started in latter half of wwii; distrust began to develop between. membership of u. s. & u. s. s. r. in un, which was mandated to preserve world peace, offered hope that cooperation would continue.

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