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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science
Peter Loewen

2 How does veto power make the President powerful The veto power makes the president powerful because it allows the president to influence hisher preference in legislation This is done through a threat of a veto using the veto or a pocket veto The presidential veto was to achieve contradictory goals to install a check on the legislative abuses but to deny the executive unilateral authority Gerarld Ford served less than one full term but vetoed 67 only 12 were override The framers refered to itas a negative where it allows the president to block congress must veto the whole bill congress acts first the veto is a response to take it or leave it proposals from congresss limtis a presidents ability to shape policy When dealing with an opposition congress presidents use their veto authority the veto offers a clear self enforcing means of asserting their preferenceThe Constitution grants the President the authority to veto legislation passed by Congress The framers failed to see how a skilled political could use the threat of this to manipulate congress expectations about the likely result of their legislation and to insert policy preferences at the early stage of the processEven the threat of a veto can bring about changes in the content of legislation long before the bill is ever presented to the President The veto battle is similar to the ultimatum game where the first player in this instance Congress proposes legislation and the second player the President can either accept or reject the proposal Each player wants something and in Congresss case they need to ask how far they can push for the legislation to be approved that is in their interest The veto fight is similar to an ultimatum game because youre not exactly sure what the president will reject Players are trying to figure out how much they can give away to and still get an outcome close to their preferenceThreat of Veto In the constitution the president is at the end of the legislation making where he approves the bill but in reality the President can get a better offer if he states at the start what he will accept The President can craft a bill thats acceptable to him such as getting in the public to lay a case that is fair and dare Congress to go against this The President can go in public and declare what he will accept The institutional features allow him to go first in the bargaining process where he proposes a budget and can say what the budget will be even though ultimately Congress writes the bills The president proposes a bill to signal to Congress what he is willing to accept The attention of the public is focused on him which allows him to have the ability to state what is fair or notThis is done in annual and special messages to Congress the president may propose legislation he believes is necessary The most important of these is the annual State of the Union address Before a joint session of Congress the president outlines the status of the country and his legislative proposals for the upcoming year When the president proposes legislation such as a budget it signals to Congress what he will accept and dare them to pass something he doesnt like The ability to talk directly through the people allows him to have agenda setting powers to persuade his congressional partners to introduce legislation that he would sign and point out what he wont sign A veto threat may be credible that is president must convince those they wish to persuadethat they are
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