PSY313H5 Study Guide - Prospective Memory, Metamemory

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With the baby boom generation, a change is occuring in how adults think and deal with their own development. People are becoming more interested in adult development and aging continue reading chapter 1 notes in binder. Periods of development notes from binder up to aging. It is a communication link among cells and organs of the body, and it is important for the functioning of many other body systems (sensory perception, motor control) It has 2 parts: central nervous system brain and the spinal cord- responsible for higher order functions- ex. Memory, language, intelligent behaviour, reflexes: peripheral nervous system- connects the cns to the rest of the body. Brain changes with age, but it varies for different people. In healthy older people, changes are slight, don"t make much of a difference. Brain increases in weight until age 30, then slight weight loss, followed by a rapid weight loss.