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PSY100 test 6

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Dax Urbszat

2008PSY100Test 6L0101 M 241Explain the Biopsychosocial model of Health Psychology 3 marks it maintains the premises and practices of the medical model by looking at biological problems but also takes into account the importance of psychological and social factors for proper assessment diagnosis and treatment for both mental and medical disorders2Identify and describe four of the psychological responses to stress discussed in the lecture 4 marksEmotional instability eg irritability and losing temper hypersensitivity and crying etc Problem solving difficulties eg trouble making decisions poor choices easily frustrated Ruminative thinking obsessively worrying and intrusive disturbing mental images Catastrophizing using extreme absolute language overreacting to minor problems etc3Explain how the Sympathetic Adrenal Medullary SAM system operates 4 marksstress is perceived by the cerebral cortex which signals the hypothalamus to activate the sympathetic nervous system fight or flight This stimulates the Adrenal Medulla glands to secrete catecholimines epinephrine and norepinephrine The effects are raised blood pressure irregular heart rate sweating and constriction of peripheral blood vessels4Explain problemfocused and emotionfocused coping 4 marksproblemfocused coping is aimed at reducing the demands of the stressful situation or expanding the resources available to deal with the stressor ie dealing directly with the problem or situation emotionfocused coping is aimed at controlling the emotional response to the stressful situation5Explain and provide an example for the term defensive attribution and give a reason for why people might use defensive attributions 3 marks Defensive attributions are a tendency to blame make internal attributions about victims for their misfortunes so that one feels less likely to be victimized in a similar way Eg blaming a rape victim for the clothes she wore or blaming a mugging victim for being out so late etcPeople use defensive attributions to create an illusion of safety and to avoid confronting the ugly reality that bad things happen to good people for no reason6Briefly explain the procedure and results of the Asch study discussed in class 5 marks Subjects had to identify which line matched the target line from a choice of three The task was designed to be very easy There were five confederates that answered out loud first then the subject answered On some trials all the confederates answered the same incorrect response When this occurred 35 of subjects conformed and answered incorrectly as well and the majority of subjects conformed at least one time There was no conformity when the confederates were not unanimous in their answers7What is deindividuation and what are some circumstances where it might occur 3 marksdeindividuation is a loss of selfawareness and evaluation apprehension that can occur when a situation allows one to feel anonymous it can occur when one is in a crowd or when one is wearing a mask or wearing a uniform that many others are wearing etc8List 4 desirable phenomena that can result from being in a group 4 marks any four one mark each other answers acceptable if correctSocial moral and language development sense of membership and identity charity emotional comfort support social facilitation cooperation survivalPSY100 Test 6 L0201 T241Explain the relationship between social support and stress 4 marks Social support is twoway communication in which a person can confide their concerns and receive support people who have low social support tend to have a decreased lifespansocial support can buffer a person against the effects of stress by allowing them to share their feelings and problems with others who can listen and offer helpsocial support is a positive force that allows for shared enjoyment and thus reduces overall susceptibility to stress2What is stress 4 marks Stress is a psychobiological process Stress is a stimulus stressors like catastrophies earthquake flood or war life events marriage divorce and circumstances poverty overcrowding Stress is a response strain both physiological and psychological Stress is a process where transactions between the person and environment lead to perceived discrepancies between the demands of the situation and the resources of the person3List 8 behavioural responses to stress discussed in class 4 marks any 8 formark each1 procrastinationavoidance2 lowered performance3 increased alcoholdrug use and abuse4 intentional acts of sabotage5 increased use of prescription drugs6 undereating due to apathy depression7 overeating as an escape8 weight loss9 increased recklessness gambling10 aggression and criminal acts11 poor relations with family and friends12 suicide or attempted suicide
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