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Stuart Kamenetsky

Chapter 1 Theories of Social DevelopmentSocial Developmentis a description of childrens social behaviour and how it changes as children get older It is a description of childrens ideas about themselves and other people their relationships with peers and adults their emotional expressions and displays and their ability to function in social groups Maturationa biologically determined process of growth that unfolds over a period of time Transactionalongoing interchanges between social patterns such as parent and child across time that result in modifications of the social behaviour Social dyada pair of social partners such as friends parent and child or marital partners Multifinalitythe divergence of developmental paths in which two individuals start out similarly but end at very different points Equifinalitythe convergence of developmental path in which children follow very different paths to reach the same developmental end point Psychodynamic Perspective Psychodynamic theoryFreuds theory that development is determined by innate biologically based drives shaped by encounters with the environment in early childhood Freuds Theory Idin Freuds theory it is the instinctual drives that operate on the basis of the pleasure principle Egoin Freuds theory it is the rational component of the personality which tries to satisfy needs through appropriate socially a
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