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Stuart Kamenetsky

APRIL 2013In some situations certain states can hold parents responsible for failing to socialize their children What are they What are the main problems holding parents legally responsible for such casesParents can be held responsible for failing to socialize their children if1Parents fail to comply with a court order to assume particular parental responsibility2The parent contributes to the delinquency of a minor ie drug trafficking3Legal liability for damages caused by children4New laws in some jurisdictionsparents are directly responsible for their childrens delinquent offenses This is problematic because not only are parents liable for their childrens actions ie paying for damagesmedical bills but now the parent has a criminal record What is the relationship between public policy parenting and family planning Utilize the examples discussed in classDefine and utilize concepts of active and passive prevention of risk to explain why correlations between measures of parental income or SES and child outcomes are often higher in some societies than in oursPublic Policy Governmentbased social policy a set of planned action to solve a problem or attain a goalproviding information funding services to preventreduce problems and infrastructure support efforts on behalf of childrenPublic policy effect child development through its effects on parenting The following are key issues where public policy has a marked effect on parenthood and child development1Family PlanningFinancial incentives for larger families EX In Quebec mothers were given a bonus if they stayed at home to raise their children and have more children The benefit was to preserve their culture and religion Catholic from immigrants changing their cultural beliefstraditionsPunishment for large families EX In China they had a onechild policy and were fined for having a second child Lower SES families couldnt pay the fine ndndfor the 2 child resulting them to hiding killing or hating their 2 child while richer families enjoyed more childrenPolicies about abortioncontraception EX teen pregnancies or single mother may have accidental pregnancies resulting them to not wanting the child or being unable to financially support them Allowing abortioncontraception prevents unwanted children from being born who are at risk for criminal actPolicies funding for abortion EX If funded publically these services are accessible to everyone but if private only those who can afford it have the option Low SESpovertysingleparent families will not be able to afford services resulting in unwanted children at risk for psychopathology s 2Public Parameters for parental responsibility EX in some cases parenting doesnt Responsibility for matter like in Canada universities are available to public where in America Childrenfamily income determines which university a child attends Provision of basic needs EX In some countries have to put effort into giving their children clean water whereas in Canada these basic services are availableActive vs Passive Prevention of Risk Passive prevention requires no effort to protect children ie clean waterActive prevention requires parent to protectminimize children from risksImmunization requires parent to be active and talk to the doctor and it is accessible but it is passive because OHIP pays for it
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