Intelligence and aging

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Giampaolo Moraglia

- Most debated and researched area because of the different methods through which research can be conducted and data is collected - When testing the validity of tests, some critics believe that we dont have the right instruments to test intelligence: construct validity isnt appropriate - Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale is a psychometric test- uses objective and standardized procedures it is more frequently used to test general intellectual abilites - WAIS: contains 2 parts: a verbal part: requires verbal responses the subtests measure specific abilities- items range from easy to difficult- this component measures broad intellectual abilities: ones storage of world knowledge and how they can apply it - The second part is a performance part: asked to manipulate blocks to reproduce given images- measuring analytical skills on the spot- how one can approach and solve unfamiliar tasks - The performance part is different from the verbal part because the performance part: 1) it doesnt depend on whether you know information about the world because individuals see the problem for the first time 2) Speed is important in determining a score: test has a time component: results look at whether the individual chose the correct answers and how long it took them to do so. Whereas in a verbal component, time is not measured Results are obtained by adding the raw scores of subscales to get the final score (overall) for each category. Does the score translate into IQ? No- IQ score is not derived by adding up the scores from each category- IQ is also based on how a person scores relative to others in the same age group (same choronological age) Ex. 20-24 year old- gets a raw score of 50 = average of the age group, which has an IQ of 100. Ex. People in their 40s = raw score of 40 =the average of their age group therefore IQ= 100 - Different raw scores may produce same IQ for different age groups. (if the raw scores add up to the average for an age group, then multiple age groups can have IQs of 100)
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